3D Factory

We print your 3D models and advise you from the idea to the product.

The cost of a model can vary widely. Many factors play a decisive role in 3D printing, for example. Material, size, complexity, stability and quality. These factors influence the required printing time and thus a large part of the costs.

In general, the larger, more precise and stable a product is, the higher the printing time, the material consumption and the costs of the printing process.

For an inquiry, write us an email or use the contact form. Please give as precise information as possible about your ideas regarding quality, stability and intended use.

FDM prints

Raise3D Pro2 / 305x305x300mm / 2 colors

MJF prints

HP MJF4200 / 380x284x380 / PA12 / ± 0,3%

SLA prints

Formlabs Form 3 / 145x145x185mm / 25 – 300μm

CAD construction

Construction of 3D models according to your specifications.