INNOfactory3D is a young startup company that wants to position itself in the additive manufacturing market. We accompany our customers as partners on the way to the producer in the field of additive manufacturing. Long-term and sustainable financial success for us and our partners is sought.


We want to position ourselves economically and sustainably in the additive manufacturing market. We want to build up our know-how and keep it up to date through innovation and the latest technologies. The technical know-how should be passed on to our customers as a service and in the form of products.


As a service provider and product developer, we want to make additive manufacturing accessible to the general public and thus create trust and acceptance for the new technology. Customer satisfaction has the highest priority.


The 3D Innospace, 3D Factory, 3D Academy and Consulting divisions are created for economic and sustainable success. We want to make sustainable investments in new technologies and create jobs Institutional long-term partners gain who are interested in additive manufacturing but do not have the necessary capacities, resources and know-how. As a service provider, we support you in integration projects or as a producer of your products.